Memphis wedding photographer-baby, children, family, engagements

I am a wedding and portrait photographer serving the Memphis, TN area. I have a way of making clients feel relaxed and comfortable without them even really knowing it. I believe when you look at portrait I have taken it will look genuine, real, relaxed, and timeless. Photography fads come and go, but your portraits won’t. You will look at them through the years, and they should be classic and timeless and evoke feeling.

When you hire me for your wedding day you shouldn’t worry about a thing. Let me take care of the minutia. I’ll capture your groom’s first look as he sees you for the first time! I’ll catch your parents’ tears as they see you as Mrs. So and So (no longer their little girl). I’ll capture your excitement as you walk hand in hand with the one you love. I LOVE CAPTURING all those emotions.

If it’s not a wedding day, but the birth of your first child (or second, or third, or…) I’ll capture those smiles of excitement (or faking smiles as you hide your exhaustion). Let’s be excited together as we document those tiny hands and tiny toes. Siblings are welcome—the more the merrier! Often times, the siblings and I go off on our own “adventure”, and we have a blast. More times than not, I hear, “Can I come home with you Ms. Cindy?” And nothing melts my heart more or gives me greater joy.

Whether you are planning your annual family portrait session or the first time you’ve managed to get your entire crew together around the holidays or special occasion, I promise, I love getting groups together and figuring out what works. I see some families annually, and it’s always a treat to watch the kiddos grow.

High school seniors—such an exciting time in your life. I love working with you and your parents to figure out what location we are going to use, what outfits you’re going to wear, and what props (if any) you are going to bring. We make our portrait session as unique as you want it to be, and I promise it is not a cookie cutter operation.

So, in closing, you can see that I really enjoy my photography career. My family jokes with me that I can’t go out in public without someone saying “Hey Ms. Cindy!” because I’ve probably met them on the other side of my lens. I hope I get to see you there real soon.

Blessings and Peace,