December 31, 2010 / cindybthymius

A Look Back…A Look Ahead

For those that know me on a personal level, they know that I don’t really believe in making annual resolutions.  I will often become convicted throughout the year to “do” better in whatever area God has laid upon my heart.  There is nothing wrong with striving to do better personally, spiritually, etc., whether you choose to do it daily, weekly, monthly, bimonthly, or annually.  It’s important to be in tune with God no matter when we choose to make these “resolutions”.  If we follow God’s directions, we won’t ever go wrong no matter when we choose to make these resolutions.

Have you ever thought about what really makes a year successful?  Most people (myself included) tend to judge it based on financial gains, health of loved ones, success of school, business, etc., or the lack of having any stress in one’s life.  I think there is a lot of danger in judging success by this.  If we are seeking God’s will in all aspects of our lives, then His will may be for us to experience the wilderness before we can experience the blessings He has in store for us.  I often tell friends and loved ones as they experience trials and wilderness journeys that EARTH IS NOT HEAVEN and God never meant for it to be.  In all reality, we are here for ONE PURPOSE and that is to lead others to God.  This is really what we should be judging our success of a year or not on…have I led anyone to God this year?  I do believe that God wants us to enjoy our time on Earth with the blessings He bestows upon us, but we should never forget that our lives won’t ever be headache free, stress free, heartache free, or worry free.  All these things will happen in Heaven.  In the meantime, when we experience trials and tribulations, or if a year doesn’t go the way we had hoped or plan, draw closer to God and find the lesson He has planned for us.

As 2010 comes to an end, I hope you have thanked God for the 365 days He has given us.  Each day really is a gift from God.  My prayer is that I am closer to God than ever in 2011 and that I am seeking His will and doing His works more than ever.  If I am doing these things, then I know 2011 will be a success.

Be blessed today and always,