August 29, 2019 / cindybthymius

Ashlar Hall Castle Meets Beauty and the Beast

Ashlar Hall Castle has such an amazing history in Memphis, and I was absolutely THRILLED to meet and work with I.  She and her family are completely updating, renovating, and giving new life to this Memphis landmark.

It just so happened that before the major renovations began to take place, I was able to have an awesome opportunity to photograph a one-of-a-kind photo shoot there.  When my neighbor and friend informed me that her daughter K was going to prom with longtime beau Z, let’s just say there were a few surprises in store for K.

K purchased a ball gown the color of sunshine.  She was under the impression that Z had purchased a suit of a different color.  Z completely surprised Z with a deep-blue suit to match that of Beauty and the Beast.  He even had a rose! Ok, someone has to be ooohing and aaahing right now!  All they needed now was a castle, and that is where Ashlar Hall came into play.  All I can say is the stars aligned just perfectly for us all that day to have the session.

It really was a photographer’s dream to shoot there, and I can’t thank my friend–(I–) enough.

Several months have passed since we had the shoot at Ashlar Hall, so the renovations are well under way since the day we took these photos.  I really can’t wait to see the new life that will begin.  Until then, enjoy two teens in love, a well-loved iconic Memphis mansion in the midst of transformation, and an earnest photographer who loves to dream and bring a fairy tale to life.