October 17, 2014 / cindybthymius

Collierville baby photographer {baby J}

Collierville baby photographer {baby J}

I have absolutely ADORED working with this wonderful family during J’s baby plan! This is his 3rd installment of the baby plan. (Side note…we’ve already completed his fourth session; I’m that behind, and I’m THAT sad our baby package plan is over 🙁 ).

So…as I was saying! This family is wonderful. I know all of my blog posts seem to mention rain. I know we don’t live in Seattle, but sometimes I feel like we do with all the rain we get. I’m so glad I have my home photography studio as a backup when sessions NEED to happen. It was another rainy Saturday (the blog post before this…that happened on this day, too). These guys arrived at the studio in sprinkles of rain. We took all kinds of great photos (as you can see). The sky opened up briefly, and we decided to make a run for the local spray park in Collierville. Kim had a great idea of putting the little guy in a tub of water and letting him get all wet. Unfortunately, the spray park water was COLD, COLD, COLD. The bubbles helped some! I promise you…the skies opened up. The rain came down torrentially. All Kim and I could do is laugh. But, we made it through this session! We sure did make some fun memories and some great photos together!

I can’t wait to share the last set from J’s baby plan and tell you all about that adventure…eventually 🙂

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