August 8, 2013 / cindybthymius

Collierville Family Photographer {H Family}

I just love the timing of this Collierville Family Photographer blog post. It was actually up in line in my sessions to blog. It’s ironic! (Yes, I realize I am a whole SEASON BEHIND; aren’t the AZALEAS amazing?) But I love how the timing is so perfect to showcase this wonderful Collierville family after NERD WALLET just announced that Collierville was name the #1 best town in Tennessee for young families! Please read the article here:

This is actually a true story.

Back in 2007, my family and I moved from West Palm Beach, Florida, and we didn’t know anyone. A good friend of mine that I knew in West Palm had a friend who lived here in Collierville. She told her friend about us moving here. My friend’s friend called me up and invited me out for coffee with friends at Target. Talk about Southern Hospitality! I met Kim at Target, along with some other great ladies, including the one pictured here in this blog post. These were some of my first friends I met in Collierville, and I will NEVER FORGET the kindness offered to me by these two ladies. Though I am sad that Kim moved away, I am happy to keep in touch with her on facebook! Though I don’t have the time I did when I first moved here, it’s always a treat to see Beth (featured here). And another side note about how awesome Collierville is, my next door neighbors baked us cookies and brought us plants. It really is an awesome place to call home.

Now, I do have some GREAT things to blog about Beth, who is featured here in this blog post. When I first met Beth back in 2007, she weighed a lot more than what she does pictured here. She has worked extremely hard to lose over 40 pounds! She.looks.amazing! I am so proud of her and the work she has put forth to lose the weight. She brought along her girls for this session. The photos were a gift for her husband. Isn’t that so precious? I love the realness of these photos. They are just honest and happy and reflect the true personality of these ladies. It’s such a blessing to know and photograph them over and over again. I’m so very thankful I had the opportunity to meet all these great gals at Target so many years ago.

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1 Thessalonians 4:7
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