July 20, 2015 / cindybthymius

Downtown Memphis Engagement Photographer: Kayla and Casey

Downtown Memphis Engagement Photographer: Kayla and Casey

Several months ago, Kayla contacted me because she wanted to have her engagement photos made here in Memphis. I was so glad when she decided to go ahead and book with me. Yay! Well, I know it’s hard to believe with temperatures that almost reach 100 degrees, but we were in a cold spell the time we were to take the photos. Between the rain and the cold, I wasn’t holding out much hope. But, it turned out to be a lovely day.

Now, I can’t believe I am telling you this, but Kayla and Casey have hardly ANY photos of them together. Even when they told me their super cute engagement story…no photos. It’s a sad state of affairs. Neither of them really like to have their photos made. But, they really did have a lot of fun with me as we walked around downtown Memphis taking photos!

Their wedding actually is taking place in Dallas (where I just returned not for their wedding but for soccer, ironically). I’m sure they are happily married by now.

Thanks so much for letting me take your engagement photos, and best of luck to you as you start this new chapter in your lives!

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