September 26, 2013 / cindybthymius

Germantown TN Teen Photographer

Come check out this Germantown TN Teen Photographer blog post and come meet Rhoads! I had the opportunity to meet Rhoads, his momma, and their precious dog a few months ago at a park in Germantown. Mrs. W. heard about me through an auction. She knew she needed some updated photos of her son. Can you believe he’s only in middle school? I know he’s every bit of 6 ft tall. Rhoads has so much personality, and the guys definitely knows how to dress. He didn’t complain ONE time when we were taking the photos, and he was anxious to get the photos back after we had taken them. Yeah, I like that! Oh, and don’t you just love their adorable dog? Totally cute. The biggest decision Rhoads had after our photo session was deciding which girl to hang out with. Yeah, it’s a tough life, Rhoads 🙂

Thanks for a great session!

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