October 24, 2013 / cindybthymius

Jackson, TN Family Photographer {M Family}

If I were to title this Jackson, TN Family Photographer blog post, I think I would title it “When Perfect Isn’t Real”. So many parents contact me and say, “Cindy, how do your photo sessions look so perfect? How the photos look as if the kids are so perfect and well behaved?” Well, the reality is children are going to be children, and a scheduled photo session isn’t going to change their desire to roam free or be less creative in their minds. Children are naturally full of wonder; isn’t that why we love them so much? At the end of the day, despite prodding, pleading, begging, bribing, a child’s true personality is just that…honest.

One of my favorite things about this session is the honest quality shown in the photos. All of these expressions are real and not forced. Mrs. M. really wanted to capture a lifestyle approach to this session, and I know we captured her family and kids just doing that.

The M Family actually drove from Jackson, TN TWICE to have their photos made. The first go around just didn’t work. It was late in the day, the kids were tired and hungry, and we felt like we would get better photos if we rescheduled to a morning slot. So, free of charge (because I’m all about getting the best photos!), I met with these guys again. I wish you could have been a fly on the wall at this session! All the adults were really trying to get the kids to participate in the photo session. Honestly, I just love what the kids gave us, though…true personality!

Thanks M Family for your desire to have really nice portraits capturing your family’s true personality! I know you’ll treasure these portraits for years.

Blessings and Peace,

Thought for the day:
Philippians 4:4
Always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it again-rejoice!

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