January 20, 2015 / cindybthymius

Memphis Baby Photographer: Turning One!

Memphis Baby Photographer: Turning One!

It’s always sad to see my baby plan babies graduate from my plan. Okay. I get that. But this family completely bombarded me at this session by telling me THEY WERE MOVING! Well, how do you complete a session when you’re almost in tears??? So.not.fun.

These guys were on my baby plan, and I can remember when they came to the studio for the first shoot. We talked about how they were new to the area, we talked about life, we talked about a lot of things. We had lots of adventures together.

For this session, we met up at the Collierville Town Square for Q’s one year session. She is such a cutie! The P’s brought along a family friend to help out (and visit, too!). I think they were just feeling guilty they were leaving all of us.. ha ha!

We had the best time getting all these balloons fastened to Q.

Thanks so much for letting me share this first year with you guys. I wish y’all were still in the area, so we could document more of Q’s life together!!

The P Family wrote the sweetest card to me at the end of our year together:”We would like to thank you for capturing some beautiful photos of our little lady and our family this past year! They are moments and special milestones that we will always cherish and look back on for the rest of our lives! We appreciate how sweet and flexible you are–you’ve been blessed with a talent/gift that allows so many to hold on to dear memories. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Continue the wonderful work you do!”

And, for the record, I cried after reading that note. You’ll never know how much notes of encouragement mean to me <3 Ok...I better stop, or I'm going to cry again! I know these guys are back with family and friends, and they are right where God wants them to be. BIG HUGS! Blessings and Peace, Cindy thought for the day: Proverbs 15:23 Everyone enjoys a fitting reply; it is wonderful to say the right thing at the right time.

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