April 29, 2014 / cindybthymius

Memphis Baby Plan Photographer {Lane Family}

Come check out this Memphis Baby Plan Photographer blog post featuring the Lane Family. I, ashamedly, am SO FAR BEHIND in blogging, that, for the first time ever, I am going to double whammy you guys in this blog post! Yes, I am going to include their first session in the baby plan and their second session in the baby plan. I can’t remember ever being this far behind in blogging. (Side note: I blog 2-3 times a week, and it’s so time consuming! Forgive me!)

At any rate, for the L Family’s first installment of the Memphis baby plan, they came to my home photography studio here in Collierville. I am blessed with meeting so many nice people, and these guys are no exception. As you can tell, the little guy is not a newborn in this photo…he’s probably close to 3 months. Big sister came along for the ride, and she is the sweetest big sister and a great helper.

For our second installment of the baby plan, we were going to take some more family photos. Unfortunately, we had to reschedule a few times due to some illness in the L Family. For this session, we met up at the Wesson House in Olive Branch. Of course, typical Memphis weather, it threatened to rain. I believe the forecast was 80% chance of rain, and, you guessed it, zero rain. Gotta love Memphis. We decided to give it a try anyway, and I’m glad we did. I brought a few SIMPLE props (nothing over the top), which worked well with the location and clothing choices K had chosen. The golden hues of the sun setting sun was just perfect.

I’m so excited to still have two more sessions with these guys in the baby plan, AND I get to see them in a wedding I’m photographing in June. To quote my dad, “ALG….Ain’t Life Grand!”

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