February 5, 2015 / cindybthymius

Memphis Children’s Photographer: Cotton Field Photo Sessions

Memphis Children’s Photographer: Cotton Field Photo Sessions

Ok Memphis! I hope you’re ready for some cotton field photo sessions because there are going to be several cotton field photo shoots coming up in the next several blog posts!! This next client are some of the greatest people. In fact, their families are THE very first people I met when we came to Collierville. And by “THE” I do mean “THE”. The Green Family drove us around Collierville when we were looking for homes, literally. I can’t say enough wonderful things about them, how they support our community, and how they run our business. Go buy a home from them, seriously 🙂

Ok… So Mrs. G. knew she wanted some cotton field photo pictures, and her original plan was for Christmas cards I think. We get to the shoot, and the kiddos look so great! Mr. and Mrs. G are always so patient. Well, you know kiddos. They have their own agenda, which may or may not be taking photos. We had 2/3 of the kiddos cooperating. We tried bribery, jewelry, you name it. I know the G Family walked away thinking…Why do we do this?!?!?!? I love what we captured here, honestly. I love the playful expressions. Mrs. G. actually ended up ordering some larger prints for her home. You know…you just can’t get that time back.

Thanks so much for your continued loyalty through the years, guys!

Blessings and Peace,

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