January 30, 2015 / cindybthymius

Memphis Children’s Photographer: Rain Session?

Memphis Children’s Photographer: Rain Session?

So…here’s the scoop on this session. I live five minutes from the Collierville Town Square. I was to meet my clients who used to live in Collierville but now live in Jackson, TN. They were driving from Jackson that morning for their session. I had checked the radar ALL MORNING, and everything seemed fine. It really did. The radar showed no rain. I repeat…the radar showed no rain. I get into my car, and the skies literally opened up. I call my client, and she’s already at the Square. No rain. Well…I figure. Let’s go for it!

I develop a plan. We go for it. We get our “must have shots”. We get those. You guessed it. It rained. Pretty hard. We take shelter in the cabin. Afterwards…we let boys be boys. After all…aren’t mud puddles and rocks made for boys? Well…whoever thought being a photographer was easy was wrong. You gotta think on your feet, go with the flow, and make quick decisions! Well…I guess I made the right decisions (along with my buddy here) for this session. Thanks for your faith in me, K 🙂

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