July 17, 2012 / cindybthymius

Memphis High School Senior Pictures Photographer

It’s hard to believe summer is half over! Kids start back to school in less than a month. I know this year is going to fly by quickly for those parents who have SENIORS! A’s session probably would have been blogged much later if I followed followed the time frame, but I couldn’t wait! Lots of seniors are scheduling their senior picture session–even as far away as Jackson, TN. It seemed only fitting to get A’s senior session on the blog right away.

Let’s see…how do I begin their blog story? It’s crazy how small Memphis is! I think Mrs. R (A’s mom) found out I was a photographer at some point when we joined the Sunday school class she co teaches at Germantown Baptist Church. Man, my husband and I are so blessed to be in this class. Both teachers love the Lord and teach from the heart. Mrs. R. probably has no idea how many people she touches on a daily basis with her tender heart and passion for God! What a gift! Mrs. R. also heard about me from one of my senior reps at Houston High School in Germantown, TN (thanks J family!).

Mrs. A. decided she wanted something different for her daughter’s high school senior photos. I was so thankful she asked me to take them for A. We decided to take these portraits at the Memphis Botanic Gardens. All I can say is A is a PRO. Isn’t she just beautiful? She’s just that gorgeous on the inside, too. A happened to be in one of the same classes as my daughter at Houston High School last year. Though my daughter was low on the totem pole last year (you know, a freshman?) A was always very nice to her in class and in the hallways.

Thanks for a great session A! You totally rocked it! Mrs. R–thanks for letting me capture your daughter’s senior photos for you. It’s a blessing I don’t take for granted!

See you at church!

Blessings and Peace,

Thought for the day:
Proverbs 22:6
Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it