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Memphis Wedding Photographer {Alice and Patrick}

Well, you are certainly in for a treat with this Memphis Wedding Photographer blog post featuring Alice and Patrick. They kick off the June weddings here at Cindy B. Thymius Photography.

Though I don’t recall the exact time Alice contacted me about photographing her wedding, I knew one thing from her e-mail…She was excited about having her wedding at her uncle’s antebellum home in Mississippi. I later learned she had attended numerous parties while growing up there, so it made complete sense that she would want to have the most important day of her life at her uncle’s home, too. Since Alice lived in Knoxville (hello UT grad!), I met with Kathy first (Alice’s mom), and she and I went over all the wedding details. I sent Alice and Kathy a sample wedding gallery, and they were ready to book. I later meet Alice and Kathy to go over Alice’s wedding details, and I felt like I was chatting with old friends. I secretly confided in the girls that I thought Alice’s fiancĂ© looked like Gunnar (a.k.a Sam Palladio) from the TV show Nashville, and we became fast friends.

So, we fast forward to the wedding day, and if you recall June in Memphis, well, it rained, a LOT. And, well, Alice’s wedding is an OUTDOOR wedding. So, my amazingly talented daughter and I are on our way to M’s house (Alice’s uncle). We arrive inside the house, and it starts to DOWNPOUR. I’m not talking sprinkles. Well, Alice is upstairs getting ready, and I tell her not to panic. Let’s just capture getting ready photos, and we’ll take things as they come. I LOVE that Alice’s bridesmaids are ALL ABOUT ALICE (as it should be), and they are focused on Alice’s needs. Now, up until this point, I haven’t really talked about M’s antebellum home. It’s worth a blog post in and of itself. It’s rich in history, and honestly it’s like stepping back in time. M has kept it true to form without many of the modern conveniences. Bare light bulbs adorn the ceiling, and antiques line the floors, hallways, and rooms. You really just need to be there to understand the vibe M. has worked hard to create. I believe the home is from the 1800’s with stories of slavery and more. But, I digress here…

I look outside and see there is a small mist coming down, and we do what we can without sacrificing Alice’s gorgeous appearance or her gown because she wants to look 100% beautiful for her groom-to-be. The next thing I know, Patrick has arrived, and it’s time for “THE LOOK”. Patrick appears excited and nervous and Alice is just giddy with anticipation. The private moment was perfect. Patrick surprises Alice with a beautiful necklace to commemorate the day’s events. Just priceless, really.

Well, at this point in the day’s festivities…it’s decision time. The radar says one thing, the skies say one thing, the adults say one thing, and Alice’s heart says another. Do the adults start putting out the tables and chairs and linens and decorations for the wedding? Do they call the church down the road and make the safe decision? Do we try to have the wedding indoors? Is there enough seating for everyone? No one knows what to do.

I just look at Alice and say, “Alice, you’ve always dreamed of having your wedding at your uncle’s home. Are you going to be happy if you have it at the church down the road?” Honestly, that was the only question that needed to be asked. Alice knew without a doubt she wanted it there, rain or shine. God smiled down on all of us that day and held off the rain JUST.FOR.THAT.EXACT.MOMENT.DURING.ALICE’S.WEDDING. I promise you I hit rain as I left to return to Collierville that evening.

What I loved about Alice’s wedding was the following:
1. Alice wanted to look 100% perfect for Patrick, and once she did, she was absolutely fine with her dress touching the Earth’s floor. If the mud stains stay there, it is a stained memory of the day’s events.
2. Alice’s bridesmaids and groomsmen DID WHATEVER THEY HAD TO DO in their beautiful dresses and tuxes to make Alice’s and Patrick’s day a success
3. Alice’s uncle was so concerned that Alice’s wedding was exactly the way she wanted it
4. Alice’s dad and brothers have a band, and they played at Alice’s wedding
5. The first dance photos…you’ve got to check those out!
6. Alice’s mom…what a gem. I never had an opportunity to be close to my mother. Alice is truly blessed with a giving and tenderhearted mom like Kathy!
7. Alice’s Uncle’s Home. Seriously. It’s a photographer’s dream
8. Alice and Patrick together. Ah, Love!
9. The rain held off for us, thank you, Lord!
10. Kathy’s thank you note to me after the wedding:

Dear Cindy: First of all the pictures are fantastic. You and your daughter were amazing. My calm in the midst of a storm( literally ). I really want to write a long letter of praise for you to keep in your files. You were so much more than a photographer that day. You were our voice of reason. I will never forget when we were calling the church down the road to relocate and you turned to Alice and said. This is the place you have always wanted your wedding. Lets make it work and you started to get the living room as the backup ceremony site. I wanted to cry with joy for your calm words. And as for the pictures. They could not have been more fantastic. We are your biggest fans!

Then again:

We just sat around and watched them again and my brother Michael saw them for the first time and thought they were fabulous. He could not believe -picture after picture – how perfect they all were. And how wonderful his house looked. You are amazing!!!


This is probably the longest blog post, ever! But, I really wanted to document this day and tell the story as it unfolded. I’m so thankful that God held off the rain. I hope you’ve enjoyed this incredible love story of Alice, Patrick and their family and friends!

Blessings and Peace,

Thought for the day:
Ephesians 2:8
God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God

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