May 18, 2012 / cindybthymius

Memphis Wedding Photography Photographer

This is one of those rare blog posts where I’ve gotten to know the wedding couple much more in real life than I did during their wedding. I honestly did not think that would be possible because photographing a couple’s wedding is a very emotional event. The entire process takes trust, communication, and a whole slew of other personal thoughts and feelings. Wow. My family and I really got to know the groom AFTER the wedding when we decided to join a gym. I immediately contacted S because I knew he worked at one of the local ones. Boy, talk about someone coming alive! He is passionate about his job, and he really desires to help people become healthy. I am excited about how he is going to help our family.

Well…back to the wedding. I have described S…now let me get to L. Wow. She is such a sweet bride. Her whole family dropped ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to get what was needed for the photography portion of the day. Whatever L needed, L was given, hands down. Need this car, Cindy? Here, take it. Need this moved, Cindy? Here, I’ll move it. I mean…I could go on and on with countless examples. L, simply put, is LOVED.

I have two favorite parts of this particular wedding.

ONE: I adored the estate where the wedding was held. The covered bridge reminded me of something out of a novel. I could have taken photos there ALL DAY LONG.
TWO: The groom’s love for his bride. At one point he looked at me and said, “She is having such a great time; I just don’t want to bother her.” It clearly was HER day, and he just wanted his bride to be happy. Yes, I am such a sap!

Oh, I forgot to mention, this wedding took place on St. Patrick’s Day. And, that my friends, is a story for another day… 🙂

The exciting part??? I know I’ll see more of this couple after their wedding…at the gym, of course 🙂

Thanks so much, L and S!

Blessings and Peace,

Thought for the day:
Ephesians 4:2
Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.