May 14, 2015 / cindybthymius

My furry friends at The Claridge Pet Resort-Memphis Pet Photographer

My furry friends at The Claridge Pet Resort-Memphis Pet Photographer

So I know this is an unusual blog post for me because most of the time you see cute people, children, babies, or adults on this blog! But, I thought I’d let you know that sometimes I don’t photograph people! Sometimes work takes me away from home, or soccer takes our family away from home, or vacation takes us away from home. When those things happen, we are very particular with whom we trust our third child (a.k.a. Sampson). Sampson is a rescue dog, and he literally is my side kick throughout my office time. He’s a *cough* fierce protector, cutie pie, and supposed to be the kids’ dog. He quickly won over my heart. Well, I could go on, but this blog post is about Claridge, and not about Sampson. So, I leave Sampson at Claridge. Claridge takes AMAZING care of my baby when our family is unable to do so. They offer doggy day care, boarding, and grooming services. I can say I’ve used all three and have been EXTREMELY happy with their services. Everyone there loves Sampson like he’s their own, and they do that with all the babies.

A while back they asked me to take some updated photos for their site, and I was so glad to help them out. Here’s some photos I took for them. The only downside is Sampson was a little mad at me when I got home because he thought I had been playing with other dogs *smile*

Go check out Claridge Pet Resort if you need a wonderful business to look after your dog like you do!

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