May 19, 2014 / cindybthymius

Outdoor Wedding Inspiration! Maple Grove Farm

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you’ll love this Outdoor Wedding Inspiration wedding SNEAK held this past weekend at Maple Grove Farm!

Like most brides who are planning an outdoor wedding…you’re probably wondering…what happens if it rains on my big day? Well, guess what? It rained on Kimmie and Matt’s day! For mid-to-late May, it was COLD…like mid 50’s cold, no sun, ho humidity, and no warmth. Maple Grove Farm was ready and waiting to set up for the wedding and waiting for the skies to clear.

Maple Grove Farm has concrete walkways, which is perfect for those crazy Memphis weather days when you’re not sure if it’s going to rain or not. So, if you’re planning a Memphis wedding, Maple Grove Farm is great! We did put down some burlap where the concrete path meets the grass just to preserve the dress.

We took most of our photos in areas where there was concrete. Try to plan your photography in places that won’t ruin anyone’s beautiful wedding attire.

I hope you enjoy the photos from Matt & Kimmie’s beautiful Memphis wedding held in Collierville, TN. This post is just a SNEAK; be on the lookout for more photos soon.

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