June 23, 2012 / cindybthymius

Please pray for Luca and Family

I met this incredible young boy and his family one year ago. It breaks my heart to share this update. Please keep Luca and his family in your prayers. It’s so hard to share this news, but I trust in God’s plan. I know His ways are higher than ours. I just pray for His touch of comfort to be over this family right now. Please join me.

From The Paonessa CarePage

Dearest Family and Friends,

If this post was one week ago, we would have told you that he was doing great, fully potty trained, riding his big boy bike, and getting ready to start preschool. We took an amazing trip to the beach and were planning his 4th birthday on June 25th. However……..

With a tearful heart, we would like to share with you the events of the last week that have left us breathless. Luca has been at St Jude over this time having tests performed to evaluate a concerning swollen elbow. While in Memphis, he had complained of significant generalized discomfort and was admitted for pain management. All testing is consistant with a spread of his cancer to the bone and lymph nodes. This is a rare complication of medulloblastoma but one that has been documented in the past. It has a very poor prognosis. We were given options for palliative chemotherapy, but we have chose to bring our son home.

He is in considerable pain in his knees and is not walking. His pain is however somewhat controlled by a continuous infusion of pain medication. Our goal going forward is to control his pain which is expected to get very intense, and to shower him with love.

There is no cure for Luca’s cancer at this point and he will be with us for only a short time. We feel so blessed to have such a wonderful, beautiful son and to have been able to share him with all of you.

Luca has fought valiantly over the last two years with your love and support. He will need your prayers now more than ever.


Blessings and Peace,

Thought for the day,
Phil 4:7
The peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts & your minds in Christ Jesus