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Shelby’s Collierville High School Senior Pictures

Shelby’s Collierville High School Senior Pictures

Oh, gosh. I’m not even sure where I begin with this post. I’ve known these guys since our daughters played rec soccer together way back when. (Funny, now they play co-ed rec soccer together again!) Then, they started middle school together and became fast buddies. In fact, they were inseparable in middle school. The next thing I knew, our families were hanging out together at La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant in Collierville practically every Friday night. High school came around, and our daughters ended up going to different high schools (boo!), but we still remain wonderful friends (though I don’t get to see them as often as I would like now!). The long and short of this post is these guys are like my family here in Collierville, and I love them. So, when C asked me to take Shelby’s senior photos, it was ALMOST like taking my own daughter’s. Almost. I didn’t quite cry like I did when I took my own daughter’s, but I did beam with pride when I saw how GORGEOUS Shelby looked.

Well, I can certainly go on about Shelby (since she is like my own daughter). When she showed up in a DRESS…I almost needed someone to pick me back up from falling over. Shelby doesn’t wear dresses. She’s one of the biggest tomboys I know. (Sorry, Shelb, I love ya!). Shelby just looked beautiful. She decided to take these photos before she donated almost all her hair to Locks of Love. For those actually reading this post, this is the second time since I’ve known Shelby that she’s actually done this. Shelby volunteers for many organizations in the community (she gets that from her real momma!).

This post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t comment on her peanut gallery that attended the photo session. By that I mean…her dad and sister. Now…they ARE A HOOT. In case you don’t know Tom and Kayci, you are really missing out. Tom allowed Shelby to take pictures with his other Shelby (yes, that’s his car :)). We did manage to get in a few photos in between wiping off the imaginary “spots” he found on his car. ha ha.

I love these guys!

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